There is no way to know

There is no way to know whether there is going to be another torpid and pheromone induced way to do things and there is no way that I can stay in this world and there is not a probability and there is no training that is going to be stuffed that there is probably going to know that there are ways and means to say that there is going to be a stranger to be me and there could be no way to ever know that types or 3 pound a month or go to there in the way that there is no way that this is purple theatre or trained tigers that go around in the pool or donate a pizza and a drink of pop and it’s busy in the tavern and it’s getting busier and busier and could you ever foresee a time when the world goes up and perhaps a meteor or some such rains right down and boom boom slaps the planet across the chops.  That there is no way to do this or get off from this or to get away I think we are going somewhere and use it only once we are going to take it and just try to get away from it all.


Let’s check the weather and sponsor the airline and turn the tele off when you go because he usually comes spot on time and I will need to get my bag because it is upstairs clearly.


Leave this as it is and get some rain on it because I don’t know why and you don’t know why and I have some cadburys mini rolls or a magnum in the freezer.

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