Hello everyone!

Hello everyone

So, I’m not sure at all how to use this space. I’ve been writing poetry for quite a long time now, had a few poems published in magazines and such. And then I guess I became more and more insular. Wrote only for myself. I don’t remember now how I ended up here. I think I was writing and just felt the need for it to be somewhere, somewhere that wasn’t my own dusty head and crammed-till-the-bottom’s-pushing-out-and-can’t-be-closed-without-tons-of-difficulty drawer. So I found here and slapped it straight on. Nice. Job done. No foraging around for stamps and ill-fitting envelopes. No fretting over the post every day. Just gone. It was a good feeling.


But now I feel like I want to use this space for more than poems. My poems are quite odd little things. I have lots of them I’d like to share but it feels a bit wrong-ish to just keep pasting them up. Sort of a strangely grim endeavour. So I feel I may just also write things. I don’t even really know what. I quite like magic and witchcraft. I could write about that. I’m also a person wandering around feeling things and seeing and hearing things with all the perplexity and tumbling feelings that suggests.


I don’t really know the right blog format either. Shall I just write and write and post and see what happens? Right now I quite like that idea. Chunnering into the void. Let’s see!




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